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The Napstylez Salon

Product and Service

The Napstylez Salon is equipped with a talented team of hair professionals who specializes in locs, short cuts, natural or protective styles, and scalp care. 

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The Client.

Cathy Raymonvil is a full time mompreneur who Cathy Raymonvil goal for her and her team is to provide exceptional hair care services to men, women, and kids of all ages. She is also best known for helping her clients maintain the health and beauty of their natural crowns. 


How to execute a rebrand and launch a new experience for customers in person and online to create a safe judgment free space.


Before hitting the reset button on her existing brand, we identified what Cathy wanted to be known for. Personal branding was necessary especially since Cathy was in a business partnership at the moment. We focused on nurturing her community with storytelling and then redesigned her entire brand identity and website. Almost a year into our collaboration, Cathy’s partnership dissolve and she was presented with an opportunity to own her own salon. We created a step-by-step plan of action to market this event and shared behind the scenes content on social media to build awareness. Her grand opening was successful, and allowed Cathy and her new team to build their individual businesses and brand together under one roof. 

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