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B Quality Locs

Product and Services

The B Quality Locs Lab is a private hair suite that provides haircare services exclusively for members in the Loc'd community.


The Client.

Beverly Charles is a professional loctician who desired to return back to the basics of simple, natural haircare in an exclusive, relaxing atmosphere.


How to enhance the look of her brand identity and create a new on-boarding experience for new clients. 


Beverly desired a brand that was visually attractive and reflected who she was; transparent, exclusive, and bold. So first we updated both her primary and secondary logos. Then, utilized her current brand colors to enhance her package label design. To onboard new clients, it was important for Beverly to attract her ideal clients. Before doing so, we created a strategy that would allow Beverly to filter her waitlist and confirm interests before inviting her prospects to visit her private hair suite. Once we were done, Beverly was able to set the tone for leads live on Zoom with our support in the background, review her policies and expectations, as well as share a PowerPoint presentation that educated them about her brand and hair care methods. 

Success Story

Beverly continues exclusive hair services in her private suite to a limited number of people and builds trust with her clients by being transparent and intentional with them and their hair. This has rewarded her a loyal group of returning clients, an extensive wait list of prospects, and an online community that continues to learn and be inspired by her work in the hair industry.


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