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B Quality Locs

- Product and Service Based - 

The B Quality Locs Lab is a safe, positive, and drama-free private hair suite exclusively for members in the Loc'd community. BQL focuses on the client's health before the hairstyle.


My creative responsibilities

B Quality Locs was founded in 2017 by professional loctician Beverly Charles. Beverly provides premium natural hair care services to members in the Loc'd community. To set herself apart, Beverly limits the amount of people she services in a private hair suite and focuses on the health of  her clients tresses vs hair styling. Her mission in the hair community has always been to create a safe, positive, and drama-free salon experience for men and women.

In 2020, Beverly invested in a full collaboration to build the hype for her business online and to discover her brand foundations to help keep her consistent with her message. My creative responsibilities were to enhance her brand identity and product packaging. Then, create an exclusive virtual experience that was informative and engaging for onboarding new clients through the use of custom made email templates and PowerPoint/ Zoom presentations. 

Beverly desired a brand that was visually attractive and reflected who she was. Transparent, Exclusive, and Bold. 

Success Stories

 The B Quality Locs lab is a hair community without the drama. 

Beverly continues to limits her availability and builds hype by being transparent with her audience and showing true concerns for the health of her client's hair.  This has rewarded her a loyal group of returning clients, an extensive wait list of prospects, and online community that continues to learn and be inspired by her work in the hair industry.

Searching for a loctician? See with clients are saying about their experience at the B Quality Locs Lab!


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