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Heaven Scent Home Fragrance


Heaven Scent Home Fragrance is a collection of handmade products for aromatherapy in the space you desire.

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The Client.

Lori Jamison specializes in creating an ambiance through the use of beautifully handcrafted soy based fragrances in Kansas City and online.


How to take her business to the next level and create a brand that would appeal to her ideal customers and position her as the MUST HAVE home fragrance brand.


Before diving into design, we helped Lori discover her brand foundations such as her mission, vision, and values. Then, created a brand style guide that she would follow to enhance her visual identity and help her stay consistent when she markets her business. Lori’s style guide consisted of a revamped logo, it defined what brand colors to associate her business with, provided the typography names that should always be used, and graphic elements that would help customers identify her business in-person and online. We then elevated her package design and contributed to helping set the tone for the look and feel of her brand’s social media presence.

Success Story

Today, Lori continues to effectively and efficiently use the creative tool (aka the style guide) we developed during our collaboration. She scales her business in-person at market events, hosts candle making workshops, and collaborates with social media influencers to build more awareness of her brand online. She aims to be the home fragrance brand of choice helping people ignite long lasting high quality fragrances in the comfort of their space. Her determination to be the home fragrance brand of choice is evident in her social media marketing strategies. She continues to be a great example of what happens when you are intentional with taking your business to the next level. 


Check out Heaven Scent Home Fragrance for beautifully handcrafted candles and products for aromatherapy.

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