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The Creative Team You've Been Looking For.

In today's fiercely competitive markets, building a successful brand requires more than just a beautiful logo or a clever tagline. It demands a deep understanding of your customers, a compelling narrative, and a strategic approach that sets you apart from the rest.


That's where we come in!...

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About Us.

We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges, goals, and aspirations, creating a collaborative partnership that ensures the brand we develop is a true reflection of your vision.


Kendra St-Luc

Brand Strategist and Small Business Coach

I help create unique and strategic approaches to bring your ideas to life, grow your brand, and shine online.

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Vincia Raymonvil

Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager

I specialize in assisting professionals prioritize their productivity so that they're able to flow and ebb harmoniously in their personal and work lives.

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Our Intentions.

We're not just another marketing agency; we're a fierce duo of doers who are ready to be hands-on in order to understand the vision you have for your business. We believe the best way to learn about your industry is through co-working and talking to your customers face to face. We want what we market to be abosolutely 100% AUTHENTIC and GENUINE.

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