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Candor Soap Co.

- Product Based -

Candor Soap Co. provides bath and body products made with natural ingredients that clean, feed, and keep your skin healthy. Handmade for Men, Women, and Children.


My creative responsibilities

Candor Soap Co. specializes in bath and body products handmade in small batches, with 100% natural ingredients that clean and feed your skin. Founder Tasheka Edmond invested in a full collaboration currently active today since April 2018, to launch and build the hype for her ecommerce business in person and online. 

My creative responsibilities were to first identify who her ideal customers were and how her product served as a solution in their lives. Then, design a memorable brand identity and marketing strategies that would build brand awareness. Branding a business in an overly saturated market like the skincare industry can be intimidating but achievable. Especially when Tasheka created a universal product that could be used by everyone. So we decided to focus and market her business to a group of people who cared about the quality of their skin or was conscious of the ingredients used because they had sensitive skin prone to dryness, inflammation, or redness. 

Once we were clear on her mission, vision, and values, we designed an honestly natural and handmade brand that was gentle for all skin types.

Success Stories

Candor Soap Co. mission is to educate people on the skin benefits of natural ingredients and how to practice a simple skincare routine at-home. Today, Tasheka cultivates an authentic community of #candorpeople by being transparent with sharing original behind the scenes content of how her skincare products are made and what ingredients she uses in the process. Her insights on skin health make practicing a daily skincare regiment much easier for men, women, and children.


Candor Soap Co. is "gentle for all skin types" and continues to reminds it's audience that you don't have to have a skin condition to care about the conditions of your skin. What we put on our skin is equally is important as what we put inside of our body. 

Check out Candor Soap Co for bath and body products that clean and feed your skin with real ingredients.


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