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L&D Flowers of Elegance

- Product Based - 

L&D Flowers of Elegance offers a variety of fresh flowers and creative gift ideas that suit any style or occasion. For over 30 years they specialize in a variety of floral arrangements and service weddings, funerals, and corporate events.


My creative responsibilities

L&D Flowers of Elegance is a family owned flower shop, operating with over 30 years of experience first in New York and now Charlotte, NC. L&D Flowers is more than just your everyday florist, offering a variety of floral arrangements that help make someone you love feel special and enhances the ambiance of any occasion.


After the 2020 pandemic, Co-Founder Debbie Rose and mother/florist Lynn Rose noticed how consumers began to shop more online and realized the importance of learning learn how to tap into platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and using ads on Google to help grow their business. Unfamiliar with how to market and brand an ecommerce business, aside from using the generic templates and features provided by the Flower Shop Network, Debbie began searching for ways to delegate her creative task to build more awareness online especially during major events and holiday seasons.


 My creative responsibilities were to manage all her branding and marketing needs and help build a strong, consistent brand foundation so prospective customers immediately understand who they are and what product or services they provide. Then, create ORIGINAL CONTENT that would be visually appealing and increase engagement on their social media business accounts.

Success Stories

L&D Flowers of Elegance continues to serve customers in-person and online with a variety of floral arrangements available for pick up or delivery in Charlotte. My creative assistance equipped Debbie with different creative tools such as a brand photography, video content, print/digital marketing collaterals, apparel.

Debbie continues to network and connect with event coordinators to grow their business and builds awareness with a community of flower fanatics online. 

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