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Here To Serve Small Business Owners and Brands.

Hi I'm Kendra! Welcome to a world where the extraordinary power of effective communication shapes your journey. Here, it's not just about conveying your message; it's about forging boundaries that safeguard your personal and professional well-being, expressing your goals and values with crystal clarity, and leaving a lasting impression in your chosen field. Your success story awaits!


Hire an expert to help you convert your potential customers into paying customers and nurture your relationships.

Instead of spending countless hours experimenting with different conversion strategies, leverage the knowledge and experience of our team of branding and marketing experts to implement proven techniques that deliver results.

For the self motivated and self made.

I equip you with the resources you need to redefine success on your own terms and discover strategic planning, creative design, and unstoppable growth in a supportive community.


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Small Business Coaching

Create a step by step plan of action to drive growth and establish a clear and recognizable presence in your industry.

Branding and Marketing

Develop and improve your brand identity with a personalized and collaborative approach. 

Business Expansion

Partner up with professionals who are hands on to help you achieve your business goals.

Launch and Transform Your Business Into A Profitable Brand.

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If you are going to start a business, you need a team and that is exactly what I got when I started working with Kendra and Vincia. Their support and guidance has helped build more awareness for my business on Google and social media which in return has had a positive impact on my company. Overall, I can't recommend Club DLX enough. It's an incredible community of professionals, and the resources and support they provide are truly second to none.

Debbie R.

I cannot function without the creativity and support of Kendra and Vincia. Their attention to detail is amazing! I'm always blown away by the ideas that Kendra has to build more awareness for my brand. I loved having access to her for creative direction. I needed to reboot my business and brand and these two helped me make my ideas real.

Cathy R.

Working full time, managing a family household and running a handcrafted soap making business was very overwhelming. I had so much to do and not enough time and in some cases, I didn't have the skills needed to tackle all that was required that contributed to the growth of my business. Working with DankerLuna help me organize, brainstorm/plan and execute ideas that took my business to the next level. Kendra's passion for what she does really shines through her work, she is very resourceful. Her professionalism and dedication to ensure a successful collaboration was outstanding.

Tasheka E.

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