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Ragwear by Top Image USA

 - Product and Service -

Ragwear by Top Image USA is a leading manufacturer & supplier of custom decorated apparel for businesses in the US, PR, The Carribean, and Canada. Their mission is to set the standard in quality, innovation, and design in the resort and souvenir industry. 


My Creative Responsibilities

Ragwear by Top Image USA is a wholesale apparel manufacturer and supplier, offering in-house screen-print and embroidery services in South Florida. Founder and owner, Shlomo Peer and I began our collaboration in December, when he initially recruited me as a graphic designer for the screen-print department. My creative responsibilities were to design vector images and recreate graphic arts that were to be printed on the Ragwear apparel, for commercial clients that managed retail resort and souvenir shops in the tourism, entertainment, and hospitality industries throughout the US, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, and Canada.

Shortly after a few months, my role began to shift. Aside from designing vector images using creative design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, updating the company website and seasonal catalogs, I later began taking more managerial responsibilities. I developed a system using Trello, a project management tool that helped me manage the day to day operations, I began recruiting new team members, delegating task to a small diverse production team, and making sure creative task and projects for clients were completed from start to finish in a timely manner. This helped the business increase productivity and helped the department become more efficient with it's workflow.


After exhibiting the ability to handle different creative task and manage orders that ranged between $10- $95K, I was then entrusted to coordinate and execute product photography shoots and travel for popular expo shows like Surf Expo in Orlando, FL, The Souvenir and Resort Expo in Las Vegas, NV, The Rocky Mountain Gift Show in Denver Co, and the International Gift Exposition in the Smokies, Pigeon Forge, TN. As the head of the Screen-print Department, this experience allowed me to build relationship with sales representatives and VIP clients to assure the delivery of their seasonal merchandise.

Success Stories

After 3 and a half years of collaborating with Shlomy, He now runs an efficient, organized, and happy workplace. I was able to structure a production team with Trello, a project management system that helped promote success in their daily operation. My creative assistance also equipped them with a gallery comprising of over 500+ graphic arts that enhance their apparel collection in both the screen-print and embroidery department.


Today, Shlomy continues to meet his client expectations, as well as upkeep the cohesiveness of the brand in person and online. Ragwear by Top Image USA continues to set the standard in quality, innovation, and design in the resort and souvenir industry. 

Check out Ragwear by Top Image USA for more information on how they can serve you.


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