Luv's Kitchen Seasoning

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Luv's Kitchen Seasoning is an upscale and affordable collection of complete spice blends made with 100% natural ingredients, guaranteed to make every dish flavorful.


My creative responsibilities

Luv's Kitchen Seasoning is a collection of complete spice blends that help make any dish taste like a 5 star meal. Founder, wife, and mother of 5 Lavina (a.k.a Luv) Joyner and I first met in 2018, after she launched her small business in pursuit to build generational wealth that her children could inherit. She invested a lot of time in self learning how to grow her business and later decided that it was time to level up her business and increase awareness in-person and online. Her goal was to enhance both the culinary and dining experiences at home with flawlessly mixed spices that ensure consistency every time you use them.


Our collaboration began when Lavina began searching for creative assistance and support from someone who could help enhance the look and feel of her product, Shopify eCommerce website, and social media presence. My creative responsibilities were to design a cohesive brand style foundation that would appeal to her audience. Then, coach her on how to position her brand and build hype on social media for the relaunch and upcoming market events.


Presentation Matters at Luv's Kitchen. Lavina goal's for her customer experience was to create an online space that wasn't just focused on sales, but also share educational resources that would help anyone create flavorful meals from scratch with ease.

Success Stories


Luv's Kitchen Seasoning guarantees to make every dish flavorful with it's 100% natural complete spice blends. Since the relaunch of her new brand look and E-commerce website, Lavina has been confidently building brand awareness online and in-person at local markets and pop up events.


Luv's Kitchen Seasoning continues to be one of the most highly recommend brands for herbs and spices. The new website provides an experience and shares easy to make recipes, a gallery for meal inspirations, a blog where visitors can learn more about different herbs and spices, and most importantly variety of LKS blends that guarantees to make your dish flavorful and satisfying.

Everyone has a favorite at Luv's Kitchen!

Visit Luv’s Kitchen to stock your pantry up with a variety of complete spice blends.