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It's not just about making something "pretty". It has purpose and is used to solve problems and communicate messages. 

Design isn't just about making things look appealing. It can be used in several ways to get your clients to take action, or can serve as a problem solving tool. You first need to have a clear understanding and purpose for it. 


Why you should plan your designs?

Designing without purpose is just decoration and will get you nowhere.

What is a graphic designer on retainer?

The words ‘designer’ and ‘communicator’ are synonymous and you need someone to be able to do both: Create the art that attracts but also communicates a message. Holidays, events, and campaigns come around all year long and as a Wannabe, Newbie, or Established entrepreneur you want to make sure you have a plan to communicate with your audience what is going on in your business during those times. Having a graphic designer on retainer secures you access to 90 days of design and strategy. Each experience is quoted differently. Complete this brief questionnaire to see if a collaboration is a good fit for you. 

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